Day 21

According to the Whole30 timeline, Day 21 is when the boredom is supposed to set in.  From different blogs I’ve read, people feel differently at this stage of the program.  Even though you are supposed to feel energetic, some people report feeling tired and sluggish.  I have been feeling pretty tired the last couple of days, so hopefully that passes.  Someone told me it takes 21 days to start a habit…if that’s true, hopefully some of my improved food habits will carry into my post-Whole30 life!


  • No’tmeal
  • 1 banana


  • Leftover burger with portobello mushroom bun with lettuce, onion and tomato
  • Leftover zucchini noodles with avocado pesto sauce


  • 1/2 apple with cinnamon


  • Roasted Portobello topped with spicy shrimp bruschetta (see day 8 for recipe)
  • Salad with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes and celery with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
  • Fruit (grapes and cherries)

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